Case Study

Colin achieves job close to home

15 Oct 2021
Living in London, 54-year-old Colin Bell has always found getting a new job within his ideal commute a challenge. But, thanks to support from the JETS programme, he sharpened up his CV and interview skills and was ready for success when the right job came along just 30 minutes from home.

Colin was referred by his local Jobcentre Plus to Central London Works, central London’s version of the government’s Work and Health Programme. Central London Works is delivered by employment specialist Ingeus and commissioned by Central London Forward.

Supported by Ingeus employment coach Harriet Strauss, Colin says, “I haven’t been in work for about 14 years – I was always put off by the distance I’d have to travel to a job. Harriet was really good at helping me to find local jobs advertised and she really encouraged me to apply for them.”

Colin was with JETS for just six weeks, applying for three or four jobs each day, with some spotted by him and some by Harriet, with Harriet finding the advert for the role he’s in now. Working as a warehouse operative in Tottenham means he has a commute which suits his needs.

He says, “I went for a few jobs which just weren’t suitable, but when this came up I was even more determined to get it.”

As well as boosting Colin’s confidence, Harriet pointed him towards recruitment sites to register with and check regularly. She also helped him with his CV, advising him to tailor it for each job he applied for – something which Colin feels was crucial in securing his warehouse job.

He says, “Having a tailored CV definitely helped me, and Harriet also spoke to the company before my interview. She put in a lot of effort to help me get the role.

“I’m three weeks into it now, and I’m really enjoying it and hope I can stay in it for a long time,” says former machine operator Colin. “I feel like a different person thanks to getting it – my lifestyle has changed completely and the money means I can look forward to getting my passport out and booking a holiday!”

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