No job? No fluency in English? No confidence? No problem!

2 Dec 2022
With no work history and not being fluent in English, Emrana Azad felt she had little going for her when it came to finding her first job at the age of 32.

But to Ingeus Restart Advisor, Stephanie Hsu, there is no such thing as a lost cause. 

Single mum Emrana could think of little to put on her CV apart from attending ESOL courses to overcome her language barrier. But with Stephanie’s guidance through the Restart Scheme she was able to compile a credible CV and, importantly, gain confidence in her ability to find work.

Ingeus is a prime provider of the government’s Restart Scheme across Central and West London; adept at giving jobseekers advice, employability support and access to local jobs. 

Emrana, from Tower Hamlets, was given the courage to attend a jobs fair at Canary Wharf where she spent two hours meeting potential employers and applying for work. To her and Stephanie’s delight she landed a trial as a kitchen assistant with an international French chain of bakery-restaurants, which led to her being offered the job.  

Emrana is amazed and grateful by the quick turnaround in her fortunes. She says:

“Getting my first job has made such a difference to my self-worth, confidence, and finances.

“I can look forward to providing for my family and I feel in a much stronger position to improve our lifestyle. It was all due to Stephanie’s support and the Restart Scheme, which gave me the confidence to be in the right place and at the right time to gain my first job.”

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