Rail engineer’s life gets back on track

9 Dec 2022
Ian Newns was running out of steam after job hunting without success for nearly three years. He was getting depressed and was desperate to work and be out of the house.
The 38-year-old’s past roles included cleaning, furniture removal and his favourite – postal worker.

“I was heartbroken when that job ended, I loved that job,” said Ian, from Bury. “When Covid hit I was really struggling, and I didn’t work for nearly three years. I was applying for everything and getting knock-backs or not even hearing back a lot of the time. I started feeling quite low and depressed.”

He was referred to the Restart Scheme, delivered by Ingeus, by Bury Jobcentre Plus. His Restart Advisor was Danielle Bailey, who was keen to offer Ian employability support and access to local jobs.

“The best thing that ever happened to me was being referred to the Restart Scheme,” remembered Ian. “Danielle was awesome, she really went out of her way to help me.”

Danielle initially found Ian a warehouse role but it wasn’t permanent. She told Ian about a rail engineering course, run by Ingeus partner Betaris, which offers a range of qualifications within the rail industry. After Danielle helped with the application paperwork, Ian worked hard to complete a level 2 NVQ diploma in rail engineering track maintenance, followed by a Personal Track Safety course.

Just a week later, he started work as a track operative, maintaining, replacing, and clearing rail track. “I am really enjoying everything and can see this as a job for life,” said Ian.
“I feel a lot better, I’ve been wanting something I can throw myself into and I’m looking forward to what lies ahead.”

Ian, who is looking forward to taking his children out more now, said he is ‘110 per cent grateful’ to the Restart scheme.

“I can’t thank Danielle enough for everything she has done to help me gain employment,” he added. “If it wasn’t for her help and support, I honestly think I would still be unemployed.”

Danielle said: “I am so pleased Ian has gained employment working on the railway, it will change his life and be a lifelong career with great pay. He worked hard to get to where he is now, he’s a fantastic participant who took on board everything suggested to him.”

Commissioned by the Department for Work and Pensions, Ingeus is a leading provider of the Restart Scheme in Greater Manchester and Central and West London. It also partners with Serco, to support the Restart Scheme in Central West Midlands.

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