Case Study

Helping Liam to turn a corner

25 Apr 2022

Life has been a difficult journey for 28-year-old Liam, who has long struggled with his mental health. But now, with support from Ingeus, he is turning a corner at last. Ingeus delivers Commissioned Rehabilitative Services (CRS) in partnership with the probation service to help people get their lives back on track.

Liam, from the West Midlands, was referred by his probation officer to Ingeus for personal wellbeing support. Liam has had mental health problems for many years and finds it difficult to express his emotions and regulate his thoughts. He had been experiencing low moods relating to his son being put up for adoption and needed support to cope with those feelings.

"I’ve struggled with my mental health for years and started self-harming when I was 14," says Liam. "Sometimes I’d feel happy and then I’d feel bad again, it’s very up and down."

Liam was put in touch with Ingeus personal wellbeing adviser Amy Harding. She became his mentor, holding regular conversations with Liam over the phone.

Understanding the benefits of exercise as a coping strategy for mental health problems, Amy purchased a gym membership for Liam to support him on his road to recovery. She has also assisted Liam with making a Personal Independence Payment (PIP) claim to help ease his financial worries.

To provide additional personal wellbeing support for service users, Ingeus works in partnership with mental health charity Mind. Amy referred Liam to Mind for face-to-face support from adviser Neil Ashfield. As well as helping Liam to talk through his emotions, Neil also arranged a GP appointment for him so that he could receive medical advice. Liam is now on medication for his mental health problems and is feeling brighter about the future.

Liam says he is grateful for the support he has received from Amy and Neil. “They’re good people, they've really helped me,” he says. “Amy sorted my gym membership and I really appreciated that, I’ve been using it a lot. Neil referred me to my GP and the medication I’m on is helping, I’m feeling quite good now. “Amy has also sorted out my PIP claim, so I feel better knowing I’m getting extra money and now I can try to sort myself out a bit. I really want to get better and I know I need to do something about it.”

Ingeus is delivering CRS to service users to provide specialist accommodation, employment and training, and personal wellbeing support to reduce reoffending.

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