Marcus secures his future career

27 Sep 2022
Losing his job due to the pandemic left former events steward Marcus struggling to find a job in the industry he loved. With no salary coming in, he was unable to fund the licence he needed to continue working in security, leaving him uncertain where his future work lay. But with help from JETS, Marcus has not only secured a job that he enjoys, but one that suits him even better than his previous role.
“The pandemic made my working life really difficult for a while,” says Marcus, 42. “My hours were going down and then eventually there was no work. I was continuously looking for a new job but struggled because I had no money to fund my SIA licence which had expired.”
After signing up for Universal Credit, Marcus, from Oldham, was referred by his local Jobcentre Plus to the WHP JETS programme, where he was supported by Employment Coaches Effie and Nicola Walsh. In Greater Manchester, Ingeus delivers the Working Well (Work and Health Programme) Job Entry Targeted Support (WHP JETS) programme on behalf of the Greater Manchester Combined Authority.
Willing to try a new career path, Marcus and Effie discussed potential jobs before enrolling him onto an HGV driver training course. Although enjoying the course, he still knew deep down that the security industry was where his passions lay.
He explains, “I started doing the HGV course at the same time as re-doing my SIA badge – I just wanted to get back into work and thought the more training courses I did, the better my chances would be.”
While Marcus pursued the course, Effie organised funding for his SIA licence. Once that came through, Marcus decided to focus his efforts on the security industry. After completing a further security training course, and receiving additional funding from JETS for a phone, uniform and a bus pass, he’s now working as part of a security team in a local Jobcentre Plus office.
“I cannot thank the JETS team enough,” says Marcus. “They really helped me to get back on track when I was struggling, I am so grateful to them.
“In so many ways my new job is better than my previous one – it’s more sociable hours, a fixed contract and it’s closer to where I live so I’m saving on expenses. It’s a big plus-plus! And I’m able to promote the JETS programme to job seekers while I’m there too!”

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