Carving out a future for Fraser the engraver

10 Jul 2024
Feeling comfortable in a new workplace is massively important if you’re stepping back into employment after a prolonged break. If you’ve had difficult experiences with a past employer it can be even more nerve-racking to start again. Ask Fraser, from Wigan, who has found his new home from home after a company tour and friendly chat with the team assured him he’d found his new niche… as a laser engraver. 

The 27 year-old was unemployed for two years after realising that a career as a software developer was not for him. His mental health had deteriorated and he left his job, unsure of his next move. Some temporary work followed but it wasn’t until Fraser was referred to the Working Well Work and Health – Pioneer programme, run across Greater Manchester by Ingeus, that things started to change.  

“I’ve had weekly appointments, my CV updated, been sent job suggestions, and had support from the health team and my advisors Yvonne and Sharon,” explains Fraser. “We had a chat about past work and what I like to do in my spare time, they took time to get to know me and listened to what I’d like and wouldn’t like to do.” 

Pioneer gives intensive support to people struggling to find work. It prioritises working with local employers to give people supported starts back onto the career ladder. Sharon – an Ingeus Working Well Employer Specialist – had recently visited local merchandise supplier Laltex Promo at Leigh Commerce Park and knew that Production Manager Stephen Lloyd would put Fraser at his ease. 

“After meeting Stephen at a jobs fair I was invited to the factory to understand the layout and how the print room operates,” explains Sharon. “What really stood out was how friendly and happy everyone was. I asked Fraser if he’d like to check it out, and the rest is history.” 

“I went along and loved it,” continues Fraser. “The staff were all really welcoming and it seemed like a great place to work. I chatted to the manager to find out a bit more about the work they do and after the meeting Sharon arranged a formal application for me. I was offered a position as a trainee engraver, starting on the 1st of March.” 

Laltex Promo is a major supplier of branded promotional merchandise including drinkware, office accessories, keyrings, and pens. The in-house branding studio prints and engraves thousands of items and, now he’s fully trained, self-confessed ‘night owl’ Fraser works a 6pm to 2am shift. 

Boss Stephen says: “Fraser is a great asset to the Laltex family. He is a very quick learner and now engraves, sets up and quality checks his work as though he has been with us for many years. 

“He came to us as a shy, very quiet individual who was quite introverted but has now really come out of his shell, getting involved in conversations and interacting with his fellow team members. I think this has done him the world of good, not only from a work perspective but also in his personal life as he seems more confident and happier. It has been an honour to meet and help Fraser back into work, and a great addition to the print room team from a business point of view.” 

Work and Health Programme - Employment | Ingeus 

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