Gamer Jordan moves up a level

26 May 2024

When 21 year old Jordan joined the Restart Scheme in Wigan he’d worked for a short spell in a warehouse before being unemployed for more than six months. With his confidence and finances at rock bottom, he struggled to shine on paper, or in person, when applying for jobs and attending interviews. Mistaking nerves for disinterest, potential employers were passing him by. Not so Rebuild with Hope – a forward-thinking and nurturing employer which partners with Ingeus. 

The Restart Scheme is delivered by Ingeus in Greater Manchester, supporting unemployed jobseekers into work. Integral to its success is Ingeus’ relationships with local employers. Following an introduction, Jordan began volunteering at Rebuild with Hope – which runs a huge charity store in Wigan’s Grand Arcade – in November 2023. Giving him fist hand experience of life in a busy retail outlet while building his employability and social skills, it was the stepping stone he needed to move up a level. 

Volunteering, alongside first aid, manual handling, and safety testing training, has seen Jordan’s confidence soar. He’s featured in a Restart Scheme video, undertaking a smiling interview on camera, and began a Level 2 retail apprenticeship in April, whilst working as a paid assistant in the store. 

“It’s helped me out a lot volunteering at Hope,” says Jordan, who loves gaming and lives at home with his mum and dad. “It’s given me opportunities within the retail sector because coming into this I had no experience, but they still took me on and gave me a chance. 

“I struggle with confidence in face to face meetings as I spend most of my time gaming. So coming out and talking to customers every day has benefitted my confidence and just helped me SO much more.” 

Also crediting the support he received from Ingeus, he adds: “The Restart Scheme help has been nothing but amazing. They’ve helped with my confidence in interviews and it’s helped me progress as a human being. Then they got me involved with Hope, which gave me the chance to be where I am now. I feel very grateful for everything they’ve done for me.” 

As for what’s next, Jordan says it’s game-on for a future Rebuild with Hope career:   

“My life before Hope was kind of hard to be honest. Financially, only getting a certain amount a month to live by and to help my mum and dad out as well, it was difficult, but since I’ve started here, it’s been great. 

“I want to complete my apprenticeship, impress as much as I have already, and continue in Rebuild with Hope with a permanent job afterwards.” 

Restart Scheme - Greater Manchester | Ingeus 

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