Lived experience to enable better lives 

Our advisors come from all walks of life. We recognise the value of people with lived experience of the criminal justice system and give people a pathway to share their experiences and volunteer to support others. This can lead to a paid role, with 15% of our current workforce having lived experience. 

Peer mentors establish a strong rapport with people in prison or on probation, earning their trust and providing a true sense of empathy. We have trained 49 service users to become peer mentors in the past year and we look forward to welcoming many more.

Innovative approaches

Our peer mentors are involved in different initiatives, including our Justice division’s The Innovation Group. This is a group of employees who look at solutions to problems such as digital exclusion and improving engagement with people in prison or on probation. Peer mentors provide unique insights into different perspectives.  

We also recognise creativity as a powerful outlet which supports resettlement and rehabilitation. For example, our peer mentors work with the Creative Minds Group which encourages service users to engage in arts-based activities.

Linzi shares her story of finding hope again after turning to alcohol to solve her problems and nearly spending time in prison. 

This content contains references to alcohol consumption, which may be triggering for some individuals. Martin talks openly about his lived experience. 

Craig openly shares his story of a life thrown into turmoil after facing life in care at the age of 15, homelessness, and drinking. Now, he’s on his road to recovery with the Ingeus peer mentor academy. 

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